Something is happening to us.
To our bodies, our minds, and our hearts.
It's been going on for a while, but it’s hard to identify or articulate.Here it is:

We’re being algorithmically modified for maximum energetic extraction.

Our emotions are hijacked for profits and power. We’re manipulated by content built from our collective exhaustion. ...all engineered by corporations that optimize for their growth and success above our growth and success.In short:
they decide for us what we think is best.
But...There is a spark within each of us that aches to see the light of day, to embrace life fully - to craft our own destinies. We are passionate and wild beings, ready to unleash a massive wave of life affirming creativity. Problem is, our efforts are perpetually thwarted.

So how do we overcome?NOPIUM.

Nopium is your own personal drug. It’s a physical, internal chemical cocktail of your own creation. It varies a bit for each person, but the ingredients are the same for all of us: some mix of rebellion, hope, certainty, uncertainty, rejection, and wisdom.Nopium is saying “no” to anything that aims to take away your power. By saying “no'' we gain a level of empowerment and energy that we’ve long forgotten was possible.

And it’s time to get nopium high. Right. Now.

You can maintain your power and keep the parasites from having a single smidge of you (and it's easier than you think).How?
Declare NOPE.
Find your grounded center and hold fast. I’ll show you how:

Take your awareness from just behind your eyes and sink it down into the depths of your gut. You’ll find a sense of resolution and power. This is your nope.
And when you activate your nope
- when you choose to
rely upon your own free will
and your own power -

you create your very own nopium.
and nopium feels amazing.

When you do this you unlock untold volumes of determination and strength. Nopium is your own personal awareness of your unbridled self-agency. While under its influence, you don't just survive the constant psychic assaults; with nopium - you actually thrive in this here eucatastrophic apocalypse.

The parasites are nothing without our energy. By looking away and cultivating our own dreams and desires, we don’t even have to fight them. We simply negate them. Sidestep their programming and flourish.

Let Beauty reign. Be funny. Hug a lot. That’s it.Take a stand and declare your power to be
yours and yours alone right now.
Just say NOPE.

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